Tactics and strategies in poker: play as a pro

By | November 22, 2018

wowjen.comTactics and strategies in poker: play as a pro

Did you know that the then president of the United States, Richard Nixon, came to power thanks to his skills in poker? Yes, through this game he managed to earn enough money to finance his campaign to Congress. Can you imagine what you can achieve if you perfect your poker skills using the best tactics and strategies? The first strategy that we will teach you is that you must decide if you want to win or play for fun? Deciding this from the beginning will help you discover what type of player you are and thus facilitate your decision making. Achieving a level of the game that allows you to win regularly requires time and effort, but in this article, we present all the tools you need to master it, so keepreading. Click here for situs poker.

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What you should do in a Sit and Go

A Sit and Go (SNG) tournament is a variant of Texas Hold’em Poker where the goal is to win all the chips of all the players. Strategies in a Sit and Go depend on the number of chips a player has compared to the size of the blinds. That’s why at the beginning of each game you compare your stack with the size of the big blind: if you have a lot of chips it means more than 12 big blinds if you have some chips it means 12 big blinds or less. Visit this site for judi poker.

The idea behind this poker strategy is to play only a a few cards but very strong when you have more than 12 big blinds. Money is only earned when the blinds are high, that’s why with 12 big blinds or less you start playing a lot more cards. Then you must attack your opponents with the purpose of leaving them out of the game and thus obtain a significant advantage against the other players.

When and how to bet on Poker?

Winning in this game depends on the tactics and strategy you use, and making bets of appropriate size, if you achieve this, you will increase your advantage over your competition. When having to make a bet it is important that you take your time to think about your goal, this will improve the probability of achieving your mission.

Another detail that you should always remember is not to make the same bet in the same circumstances all the time, this will make it very easy to read. You must vary the size of the bets, always keeping your final goal in mind.

Strategy for your opponent to fold (fold)

If you have decided that your goal is for your opponent to retire, the golden rule is:  bet as little as possible. In this way, you can save money and achieve your goal. Most opponents will fold to the smallest bet with the same frequency as a bet of the full size of the pot. If your opponent has insisted on going (call), he will do it regardless of the size of the bet.

Tactical if you want your opponent to go (call)

If you are making a bet and you want to be called, you are making a value bet. This means that you have the best hand and the gold rule would be the opposite of the previous one, and it means that sometimes it is better to make a larger bet that will be called fewer times instead of making a smaller bet that will be called more often.