Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport Testimonial: Bone Transmission Earphones for Land as well as Sea

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport bike

The Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport are a unique set of earphones from an absolutely special firm. Just a few suppliers available provide water resistant earphones for swimming as well as also less concentrate on bone transmission alternatives for water. Well, water Sound is just one of them as well as the Tri Multi-Sports are bone transmission earphones that can invest as much time in water as they do ashore considering that they are completely water resistant. Undoubtedly, as the name recommends, these earphones are suggested for tasks associated with a triathlon, suggesting you can run as well as cycle with them and afterwards take them out on the water.


As we’ll see, the water Sound Tri Multi-Sports are excellent for their objective, also if you just intend to utilize them for among those tasks. Nevertheless, they are fairly particular niche. Lots of exercise earphones are equally as qualified with even more attributes if you’re trying to find something for running. However triathletes will certainly be hard-pressed to locate anything far better for their demands than these, regardless of water Sound’s brand-new alternatives.

Few earphones are similarly engaging buddies for swimming, cycling as well as running. Besides, it remains in the name. That’s due to the fact that these water resistant bone transmission earphones are light-weight as well as comfy, have an 8GB MP3 gamer for when its Bluetooth connection falls short (considering that Bluetooth does not operate in water), as well as audio respectable for their kind element. Obviously, they’re not ideal as the controls on the device have problem signing up particular presses, call high quality is inadequate, as well as you’ll need to re-pair their Bluetooth link every single time. That claimed, triathletes aren’t mosting likely to locate far better available for their demands.


  • Connection Modern Technology: Bluetooth
  • Source Of Power: USB
  • Unique attribute: Integrated 8GB MP3 gamer
  • Audio speaker innovation: Bone transmission
  • Water Resistant Ranking: IPX8
  • Songs resource: Bluetooth, MP3 gamer
  • Battery life: 6 hrs
  • Product Weight: 32 grams (1.13 oz)
  • Shade: black as well as blue

  • Light-weight as well as comfy
  • Consisting of 8GB MP3 gamer as well as earplugs for water
  • Suitable audio high quality for bone transmission earphones

  • The controls are challenging to make use of
  • You require to couple the Bluetooth every single time
  • Call high quality is inadequate

Acquisition this item

Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport

Rate as well as accessibility

While the Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport typically retails for $150, offered straight with the water Sound web site as well as Amazon.com, there is a more recent variation called the water Sound Tri Pro Multi-Sport with Playlists+, launched in late March 2023, which retails for simply over $180. The Tri Multi-Sports assessed below are marked down to $100 at the time of composing as well as might remain to see reduced rate or normal sales.

Style as well as fit


Resource: water sound

Considering That Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport utilizes bone transmission transducers, using these black as well as blue earphones is a unique experience. To begin, they are really light, appearing at simply 32 grams / 1.13 ounces. While earphones are additionally normally light-weight, using them is extra like placing on a set of sunglasses as opposed to packing something right into your ears due to the fact that they do not fit your ears. Rather, the transducers being in front of the ears sending out resonances with the bones that rest there (basically the rear of the cheekbones).

Due to the fact that the earphones are so light, they’re additionally fairly comfy to use. I have actually currently contrasted them to sunglasses, yet any individual that has actually attempted a number of sets understands that some can be a little as well limited or a little as well loosened. Well, the Water Sound Tri Multi-Sport appears to fit the costs.

Tri Multi-Sport loopholes over the ears as well as around the rear of the neck as well as are limited adequate to remain firmly in position when you relocate your head, also strongly. This could appear strange as these are one dimension fits all, yet they are made to rest far from the rear of the head to fit various head dimensions. This convenience as well as weight, in addition to the bone transmission innovation, make the Tri Multi-Sport perfect for their mentioned objective.

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport close-up buttons

Therefore, these are 100% water resistant with an IPX8 score as they are suggested to be utilized equally as much in the water as they get on a bike or while running. As a matter of fact, you can immerse them approximately 12 feet undersea. Obviously, audio high quality adjustments when you’re undersea, so water has actually consisted of a set of three-pronged earplugs for you to make use of when you remain in the water. Additionally consisted of is a rubber secure to connect the earphones to sunglasses, wetsuits or various other locations, so you do not shed them.

The controls on the earphones provide a great deal of capability with using 3 switches all situated side-by-side on the ideal side of the device. However they are awkward, actually. Perhaps it’s to maintain the earphones water resistant, yet I need to use a great deal of stress to sign up a stress, as well as often I need to attempt a couple of times to obtain the Tri Multi-Sport to do what I desire.

This is particularly real when doing something that calls for several presses, like changing in between Bluetooth as well as Memory Setting (also known as the headset’s integrated MP3 gamer). Additionally, the quantity down switch calls for additional stress as well as often a stabilizer finger behind it to sign up considering that it gets on a component of the earphones that’s no more flush with my head. Think of needing to handle it while you remain in the center of a marathon.


Due To The Fact That the Water Sound Tri Multi-Sports are suggested for usage on the water, they not just attribute Bluetooth, yet additionally an integrated MP3 gamer with 8GB of storage space. That has to do with 2,000 tracks. There’s a great factor for this: Bluetooth functions abysmally in the water. You basically need to maintain your Bluetooth resource within a number of inches of any kind of earphones when you remain in the water, making it difficult to make use of most real cordless earphones despite just how water resistant they are. So, that MP3 gamer, which additionally supports .M4A can be found in convenient.

When it comes to including MP3s to the Tri Multi-Sport, it’s really quite basic. You need to make use of the exclusive wire the firm consists of for billing, yet beyond that, it’s basically like relocating data to an exterior hard disk. You can also divide songs by folders, which can be browsed with the controls on the device.

A note concerning Bluetooth setting: I have actually needed to re-pair the Tri Multi-Sport greater than as soon as when I place it right into Bluetooth setting, which is quite aggravating.

Efficiency as well as audio high quality

H2O Tri Multi-Sport with background

Audio high quality in bone transmission earphones, a minimum of right now, does not actually get to the very same elevations as high quality earphones, so it is essential to readjust assumptions. These are, nevertheless, suggested to provide you accessibility to songs while you run, cycle as well as swim. As well as they’re suggested to maintain your ears clear, either to hear your environments or due to the fact that using earphones while running a marathon will certainly obtain quite gross quite promptly.

Keeping that in mind, the audio high quality on the water Tri Multi-Sport is respectable. Once again, you do not obtain the immersion you desire from the earphones, yet there’s a suitable quantity of bass as well as a midrange that’s complete sufficient to maintain the audio pleasurable without obtaining sloppy. These aren’t really intense or comprehensive earphones as you hear their audio as resonances taking a trip with your bones, yet they are intense sufficient. That’s the most effective method to define the Tri Multi-Sport: sufficient for its objective.

H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport close-up left side

The water Tri Multi-Sport jobs well in the water. They might not appear audiophile-level, yet when making use of the consisted of earplugs, the audio high quality suffices to maintain you encouraged. When you’re not making use of earplugs, they seem like you could think of: boring as well as smothered, like something in a film appears when the major personality drops under water.

However when earplugs are utilized, the audio comes to be much tighter. The reduced end, while still a little blurry, behaves as well as complete, as well as the midrange is remarkably clear. The leading end appears a little veiled, yet is still really existing to appreciate whatever you’re paying attention to. Tracks from the 60s as well as 70s mainly seemed the very same, as an example, while extra modern-day songs appeared to appear a little bit even more like those older tracks. Making use of earplugs additionally aids swimmers prevent big audio adjustments as they go into as well as leave the water, although you will certainly still experience some adjustments.

Lastly, you can take get in touch with the water Tri Multi-Sport, although you possibly do not intend to. When I checked it, my voice really did not appear as clear. I seemed remote as well as not really clear. Currently picture what it would certainly seem like in the center of a run. These are best not utilized for addressing phone calls.


H2O Audio Tri Multi-Sport Charging Port

Throughout the battery examination, I ran the water Sound Tri Multi-Sport at 80% quantity playing songs from its “Memory Setting,” which is the MP3 gamer. Water Sound promotes in between 4 as well as 6 hrs of battery life based upon use. It lasted a great 6 hrs as well as 20 mins. It approaches great real cordless earbuds (without additional battery billing situation certainly).

Simply remember that you will not appreciate the last half hr of usage if you pay attention to songs, as the earphones will certainly advise you every min approximately that the battery is reduced also if it will not inform you especially just how reduced.


While you will not locate lots of various other earphones targeted at triathletes, there are lots of bone transmission earphones available that can take place the water. The Shokz OpenSwim, as an example, is completely water resistant as well as includes an integrated MP3 gamer (4GB in this situation) as well as additionally sets you back $150. Certain, they’re simply suggested for water. Shokz’s alternatives for joggers like the OpenRun as well as OpenRun Pro, at $130 as well as $180 specifically, are both strong alternatives for joggers yet are IP55 ranked, so they’re not ideal for triathlon-type occasions.

Should you acquire it?

At $150, the Water Tri Multi-Sports are practical otherwise inexpensive for their designated objective. So if you desire something multifunctional that can take place the water in addition to be utilized over fars away after that it’s well worth it, particularly with the consisted of MP3 gamer. The Tri Multi-Sport (as well as its more recent, extra costly brother or sister) are possibly the most effective choice for triathletes as well as any individual that requires a set for both on as well as off water usage.

There’s really little to fault if you fit with the bone transmission kind element, beyond the shaky controls. While this can be fairly an aggravating concern as you possibly do not intend to adjust earphones in the center of a task, it’s the only actual disadvantage.

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